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Nanoray 900 : The New King of Doubles?

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Yonex Nanoray 900 Review

So I have played with the Yonex Nanoray 900 NR900 for a couple of days now and the initial impression has been nothing but spectacular. Just for the record my demo is strung with Yonex BG66 Ultimax at 26lbs on the Yonex ES8.

First time holding the racquet it felt very well manufactured. It felt solid and stiff. Dry swings were amazing. I was so excited to take it to the court.


Aesthetics from Yonex as of late has been sleek and presents a sense of simplicity. This is not different for the Nanoray 900. I’m loving the new colour scheme that they’ve introduce into the Z-Force 2 and now this. Paint job is excellent and the inclusion of the green accent is a nice touch to finish it off.

Net play

Net play needs a little bit of getting used to coming from an adipower duoforce. Initially it felt hard to control but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. The net play and push at the front is so precise and quick.


Thanks to the stiff shaft the drives were precise. It has a totally different kick as compared to the others in the Nanoray series. It is a pleasant change from the 800 that I felt was lacking.

Drops and Lob

Drops needed a bit of time to get used to. It didn’t have that much of a margin for error but once I got used to it. It was simple to place the shuttle where I want it. Lob wasn’t as effortless as compared to the likes of the Z-force (1 or 2) but I guess the racquet is not made for that.


Defense were good. It didn’t have the same sort of control as the Nanoray 800 or the speed of the FB but don’t get me wrong. It’s no slug. It probably requires just a tiny bit more effort on the returns but overall it’s good.


This is where this racquet really really shines. I was dumbstruck with my first smash. It was crisp. It was sharp. It was powerful. And best of all it is effortless to send a big one over the net. Subsequent smashes had similar effects. I needed to make sure I wasn’t dreaming so I passed it on to one of my colleagues so that he could have a go at it. I could see the big smile on his face.


All in all this is one amazing racquet for doubles. Yonex has done an amazing job in this. I am waiting for our next shipment to swap out all my racquets for these bad boys.

If you are in Sydney and fancy a go, please drop by our store and try it out on our very own badminton court. 

You can find us at

37/8 Victoria Avenue

Castle Hill NSW 2154

Thanks for reading! See you at the courts!

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*the above review is solely based on my personal opinions. YMMV

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