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Victor Hypernano X 800 Coming SOON!



The HIGHLY anticapted Victor Hypernano X 800 is coming soon. To avoid any disappointment please place your preorders now and be the first to show off your shiny new racquet!

Did I mention it looks amazing?

More info here:


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Finally! Full Lin Dan Limited Edition Yonex Range Pics!

Well well well.. we finally got to see the full Lin Dan limited edition range in this leak. Looks really good. Shut up and take my money!Please your preorders in at http://topshotsports.com.au/Looks pretty damn good! 

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Lee Chong Wei returns!

After a gruelling 8 months. The former world number 1's worst nightmare has finally come to a conclusion. Dato Lee Chong Wei will be banned for 8 months back dating to the 30th of August 2014. Which means that his ban will be lifted at the stroke of midnight on the 1st of May 2015. The panel [...]

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Preorder your Lin Dan Limited Edition Yonex Gear now! Don't miss out!

Lin Dan's Yonex Limited Edition Gear is announced. Don't miss out! Place your preorder now!Voltric Z-Force 2 Lin Dan Ltd Ed ZF2LD 3UG5 and 4UG5Voltric 2 Lin Dan 4UG5Lin Dan Limited Edition Tournament Bag 01WLDEX hereLin Dan Limited Edition Racquet Bag 02LDEX hereLin Dan Limited Edition Sleeveless Shirt 10000EX black and yellowLin Dan Limited Edition Shorts 15000LDEX hereLin Dan Limited Edition T-Shirt 16000LDEX black [...]

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Yonex Lin Dan Limited Edition Gear Coming Soon!!

Lin Dan has his sights set on the 2016 Rio Olympics. His goal is unprecendented: To earn a third consecutive gold medal. But he's not alone - Yonex will be there to back him up all the way.Welcome to the Lin Dan Exclusive; a limited edition line used by the King of Badminton himself, set [...]

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Nanoray 900 : The New King of Doubles?

Yonex Nanoray 900 ReviewSo I have played with the Yonex Nanoray 900 NR900 for a couple of days now and the initial impression has been nothing but spectacular. Just for the record my demo is strung with Yonex BG66 Ultimax at 26lbs on the Yonex ES8.First time holding the racquet it felt very well manufactured. [...]

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BWF reviews scoring system?

Now that we've managed to lower our heart rate from yesterday's Thomas Cup matches. It's time to delve into something a little more... concerning.I agree that the old 15 point on serve system was way too long. They've then made the decision to introduce the ridiculous interim 7 points x 5 games that obviously didn't [...]

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